I've worked with:

Unuaondo (2018 - )

I cofounded Unuaondo, a digital studio and consultancy. We develop and run our own products (notably: subscription service Yugobox and esports marketplace GewdGame) as well as provide a full stack web app development and marketing service to clients.

Bitstamp (2015 - 2017)

I started out at Bitstamp as a senior developer. From the beginning, I was responsible for the hiring process for development, where my focus was building a team of carefully picked developers that were an absolute fit for the existing team and future of the project. As Bitstamp grew, I progressed to the developer team lead role, helping developers get projects finished on time as well as implemented with the highest quality standards. Always the team player, I would put out fires whenever they popped up and took care to stabilize the system as well as prepare it for the growing number of developers joining the team. I also organised talks and workshops about relevant technologies (blockchain, Bitcoin) for all departments in the company.

Zemanta (2009 - 2014)

I joined Zemanta at first as a front-ender, eventually growing into the role of team lead. I was mainly responsible for maintaining and developing features for the Widget for bloggers, a hefty JS product that was later sold off by the company. The widget integrated into several blogging platforms, on all major browsers and does cross domain requests. However, I also did a lot of Django, connected to NoSQL databases and tracked the most interesting stuff that our users did. At Zemanta, I first encountered and later mastered Scrum, as well as gained first experience with large scale statistics.

Parsek (2006 - 2009)

Parsek was my first coding gig. While there, I worked mainly on backend projects involving Slovenian banks. Besides mainly programming in Java, I first met with Python and Django during this time. I also delved into the world of front-end stack, which at first I didn't like, but soon learned the beauty and elegance of and what I can make with it. My newfound passion foreshadowed my next job :)

I also made:

Ticket Tracker

A Django project that tried to solve the problems we've encountered at Zemanta while implementing scrum.

However, Trello started to offer much more and didn't require any development time and so the project was scrapped.

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Project GWW

The aim of project gww is to show that parts of code that are not written well can lead to large waste in power when scaled.


World Wide Wars

My first expedition into games with the only game engine I know: the browser.

WorldWideWars is a turn based tactical game heavily influenced by Advance Wars and is totally online. Did I mention it's also free? No, literally not one, hidden paid service.

Since it's build with the known components of every page it works on virtually any browser.

Special thanks for the graphics to Petra Prusnik.



Hackday project - a simple dashboard composed of iframes. It also renders RSS via FeedBurner. There is no backend.

That's it :)

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Exploration into IndexedDB. App tracks exercise data, saves in the IndexedDB in-browser database and exposes it via a bit more friendly JS lib (the only interesting thing).

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Semi-large-scale research on whether star signs influence the profession choice at all (they don't).

Blog Post

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Websocket Index

Websocket Index is an index of websocket endpoints I've been made aware of. I'm manually adding and reviewing every submission with hope for this page to become the go-to site for searching for WS info.